I slept till 10

I slept till ten this morning, a rare luxury. I also had my first hot shower in 31 days, for which I am eternally grateful.

I’ve finished that stint at the summer camp in Edinburgh. The work was largely illegal, and the pay criminal, but there were some high points.

I met a group of people. It’s extremely strange to be thrust into a group of strangers and then have to spend your every waking moment with them for the next month. I imagine it is similar to what people living on oil rigs go through. So there we were, all of us exhausted and fed up and reliant on each other for human contact and compassion. I adored sharing meals with twelve other people, everyone having sixteen different conversations on top of each other, joking and fighting and simply existing in the same space as each other.

And I met B. Who I, by all reason and sense, should not have gotten on with. By first glance, he’s a sport obsessed, fitness nut of a lad, essentially my anthesis. But somehow I developed a (mutual, I’m relieved to say) attraction for him. Romantic, not physical. And, he made shit days significantly better, he made me laugh, he made me happy. And he kissed me. (Just once.) And I will probably never see him again.

And I signed on to do it again. In two weeks, after I’ve done GISHWHES, I’m heading down to London to do the whole thing all over again.


………it’s entirely possible I’ve lost my mind.



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