Day 5

In the last 5 days I have seen:

  • More data entry forms than I have ever wanted to
  • A group of fifteen people eating wedges of watermelon with knives and forks
  • Italian teenagers
  • So many Italian teenagers
  • The airport
  • The lost baggage part of the airport
  • 300 rooms (all of which had to be individually checked)
  • A very cute administrator
  • And so many signs.

I have been complained to by so, so many people. I’ve run trips and picked students up from the airport and led tours and done office filing and I have kept my cool. Just.

This morning 15 became 13 as two members of staff left. One literally at 4 am. Without telling anyone. He just went, left his keys in his room and just vanished leaving us desperately trying to fill his gap. And then we lost another one in the afternoon, she’s gone home to see the doctor.

We were understaffed, to begin with. Now we are extremely understaffed. A friend told me that this company is operating illegally. I worked from 8:30 to 23:00 today with only one break for lunch, which was twenty minutes. I’m exhausted. They keep holding staff meetings at 11 pm, so we don’t get to bed until 12, but we have to be working again by 7 am.

I’m starting to go a little bit insane.


Day 1

Arrived at the new job today. Working in Edinburgh with Italian kids who are learning English.

My parents dropped me off which was awkward because I was trying not to embarrass myself and worried that I may have upset them in the process. Sigh. Hopefully my day off will be one of the days my mum has in Edinburgh. Which would be nice to visit her.

It probably won’t be Sunday which means I won’t make it to church for a month.

There’s been lots of information thrown at me today, about what the managers do and important places and phone numbers.

The only thing is…I really wish someone would tell me what my job is.